“JerBob1”, iTunes Review of CelebriTAY

“CelebriTAY hosted by Taylor Blackwell is a fun look into the changing world of entertainment lead by today’s youth. Taylor does a wonderful job explaining and setting up each of her guests and asking well researched questions. I greatly enjoy her ability to allow for fun chit chat with her guest then bring things back onto topic. I look forward to it each week.”

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“Mevarde”, iTunes Review of CelebriTAY

“I listened to Taylor’s CelebriTAY podcast with Burt Reynolds today and it was fantastic! It was truly refreshing to hear an interview with a celebrity like Burt Reynolds that wasn’t just about his love life, “the one that got away”, and the films he did 40 years ago. It was actually about acting, the industry, and what he is doing now. A beautiful interview with more substance than all the ones I’ve “seen” on any “network” show. Thank you, Taylor. You have another listener!”

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